The Australian Plants Society (SGAP) was established in 1957 to encourage cultivation and conservation of Australia's vast indigenous flora. Back then not a lot was known about Australian plants, and very few were available in retail nuseries. Many species were bought and planted in home gardens without much knowledge of their growth habit or climate needs. There were many failures, and a lot of people became disillusioned with native plants in home gardens.


Since then, many plant enthusiasts and horticulturalists have done a lot of research. Books have been written, many by members of the Australian Plants Society, and specialist native plant nurseries have sprung up. Much more is now known about what to plant where, and how to look after them.


The members of the Australian Plants Society have had some 50 years experience with growing native plants. They meet together to share their knowledge and experience, to swap cutting material for propagation, and to encourage one another to learn more and experiment further.


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